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Welcome to Tomouh Fund

Tomouh the Arabic word for Ambition, is the answer for millions of Small investors, as well as SME owners who have everything set in their life except the Money to go to the next level, Tomouh Fund Crowdfunding platform, is the answer for your prayers, weather you want to support others to make some profits or looking for someone to support you.

Here you will find the latest project studied, and approved by Tomouh Fund team of experts for you to start investing, if you are looking to list your project, please contact us today.

Tomouh Fund Features

  • Accept Credit Cards

    We Accept payments using Paypal, and major credit cards using paypal payment service, we also accept bank transfer, for bank transfer you will receive an email with our invoice and transfer information after checkout.
  • Designed for SME,s

    We have you in mind, therefore you can find our process for listing or supporting your project is a smooth as it could be.
  • Mobile Commerce

    Tomouh Fund designed to be safe, fast as well mobile friendly so you can support your preferred projects from your labtop and your mobile phone.

  • Fast Approval

    our team work closely with the SME, and startup owners to help them during their application for funding, while they market their projects for crowdfunding, and after receiving the funding.
  • Wordwide projects

    Projects can be from any part of the world, with focus on emerging markets and countries where our support for SME and startups can make a difference.
  • Secure Checkout

    Using the top market players as our payment processors providers make it safe and secure for you to pay online without the worry of your payment securety issue.