How It Works

  • Listing projects:
To list your project with Tomouh Fund, you will need to meet the following conditions:
  1. You are the owner, or owners of the business, or proposed business.
  2. You manage the business yourself.
  3. You Provide us with last 3 to 6 months bank statements for your business, depending on the amount requested.
  4. If you are looking for microfinance, you need to proof your ability to do the proposed project you are planning to do.
  5. You need to send us the project information, business license if applicable, and other related documents listed in the project contract.
  6. You need to send us videos and images that will be listed on the project pages, as well update us as the project grow.
  7. You will need to sign a contract for repayment of the amount received with the agreed profit.
  8. You will need to provide business guarantee as well personal guarantees from all owners.
  9. Agree on the terms and sign the funding contract
  10. All charges and fees for the payment transfer, our service charges will be deducted from the total payment amount
  11. After listing your project, you will need to share it in all social media and to your contacts.
  • Our Process:
  1. Our team members, will study your project, and all the papers submitted
  2. If approved, contact will be signed
  3. Your project will be listed and if it reaches the funding goal, you will receive the amount by the mothed you agreed on the contract
  4. If project did not reach the funding goal, the project can be relisted for one more term.
  5. If project failed to reach the funding on 2 terms, the money will be refunded to backers.
  6. You will start paying back to us as agreed on the project contract.
  7. We pay to the backers the payments received from projects they backed.
  • Special projects:
  1. Special projects are projects started by Tomouh Fund to create profits for our backers, they go through the same process as in number 2 above.
  • Supporting projects:
  1. You can visit our website and search for the projects that you like to fund.
  2. Choose the amount you want to fund, then pay via PayPal, credit cards, or bank transfer.
  3. You will receive receipt of your payment by email, and you will need to fill payment information that you will receive after funding each project
  4. You can fund as many projects as you like, with amount starting from USD 100 and up.
  5. Any amounts over USD 5000, should be sent by wire transfer.
  6. You agree that funding projects come with risks of loss, so study the project you are funding.
  7. All charges and fees for the payment transfer and our service charges will be deducted from the total payment amount.